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I don't want to overpitch the first ball. But I strongly suggest you pick up your bat, fly out here to Havana, step up to the crease and get with a top class century before tea. There's also a unique, small window of opportunity to get a Michelle (Pfeiffer) before there is another Michelle (hurricane); or before, far more seriously, the americans are allowed to come and spoil everything with a reverse sweep.

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June 2005


International Cricket Council - Preparation for the 2006 Regional U15 tournament is underway.

Guantanamo has offered to organize the Eastern Zone Qualifying matches (mainly Stgo de Cuba, Las Tunas, Holguin and Host). Pinar del Rio to confirm for the Western provinces involved in cricket (mainly C. Havana, Isla de la Juventud, Matanzas, Host). The Central teams will qualify in Camaguey (Ciego de Avila and Host).

The Commission will announce the National Tournament with the winners of each zone in Havana City in order to select the National team to compete in the 2006 Regional Tournament, which is expected to take place in Havana, Cuba.

RDO Grant Dugmore will visit Cuba from June 6th to 9th. A Coaching Seminar will be held and attendance is expected to be high, as all 15 provinces are planning to send representatives.

March 2005  

International Cricket Council -

On January 30th the U13 Junior Festival "La Edad de Oro" celebrated its closing ceremony at Eduardo Saborit Stadium situated in Playa, Havana City. San Miguel del Padron won the series of matches that began on October 30th and is kept on every other Saturday in different communities.

A U-15 tournament was inaugurated to be held every other Saturday, to conclude on April 4th - Pioneers and Youths Day.

President of the Cuba Cricket Commission Lic. Leona Ford and Treasurer Melba Smith visited Isle of Youth with the objective of checking the actual condition of the cricket club and field project in this special municipality. The project is set in a recreational complex centre. The guests were accompanied by the Director of the complex, Jesus Tabares, Daniel Garcia - President of the Isle of Youth Cricket Group, and other authorities involved in the development of this project. They expressed their will of working together with the ambition of being the best territory in the development of cricket in Cuba.


March 2005

Cuba Cricket Commission


International Cricket Council - Americas - Newsletter

Minister Responsible for Latin America, a Flicx Pitch (second in Cuba) was donated to contribute to the development of cricket in Cuba. The donation was presented in Siudad Deportiva, site of INDER.

In March a National Coaching Seminar was conducted by the Cuba Cricket Commission in coordination with INDER.

Officials from the Cuba Cricket Commission were invited to Santiago on the occasion of inaugurating a 2nd “Leonard Ceon Ford” Cricket Club at Manuel Fajardo Superior Physical Culture Centre. CCC President Leona Ford’s deceased father was a Barbadian cricket player and founder of Banes and Guantanamo Cricket Club on his arrival in Cuba. Great enthusiasm was observed in the Centre to develop cricket in Santiago.

Recent meetings by Ambassadors from both India and Sri Lanka have increased the possibility of both countries contributing to the development of cricket in Cuba. Representatives from the Cuba Cricket Commission were very encouraged after meetings with the delegates from both countries.

Mr. Sri-Vijayasekere, Ambassador from Sri Lanka , pictured here receiving an award from Leona Ford, Cuba Cricket Commission.

The Ambassador called on all Heads of Cricket countries represented in Cuba to become more cooperative in developing cricket through the efforts of the Cuban Cricket Commission.

February 2000  

CrickinfoCuba, land of rum, cigars, salsa and CRICKET!

Michael White, our man in Havana, reports on genuine attempts to establish a permanent presence for cricket in Cuba: Read on...

June 1999  

Havana International CC set up as cricket returns to Cuba

In September 1995, a touring team from the United Kingdom - the Old Bedfordians - from Fleet Street, requested a game through contacts of Richard Bebbington, Honorary Consul of Finland to Cuba. As a result, a Havana International Cricket Club was founded, drawing on players from diplomatic missions and the few foreign business and press people. Read on...


Please contact in London on +44 7050 10 8555 or
Idelsis Rivas in Havana on +53 (7) 863 9555.

Please note that the above batspersons are presently just examining the wicket (reviewing the current state of the game in Cuba); but with the ultimate view to provide support and funding to encourage the take up of the game by Cubans and the International community.